WHG Garden hose release

Wonder Home Gardens Releases A Unique New 50ft Garden Hose With Advanced Watering Features Annandale, Virginia – 11th September 2018 – When it comes to garden hoses there is plenty of variety. This can be bewildering for consumers searching for the best combination of versatility and value for money. One new company that is expected to attract plenty of interest is Wonder Home Gardens (WHG). This American-based business specializes in high-end gardening products and they have just released a new 50ft expandable garden hose with plenty of unique features. Our expandable garden hose is not your typical, everyday design. It has been created to outlast and outperform any other garden hose on the market”, stated company founder, Ms. Nguyen, in a recent interview. “This is a garden hose designed to make watering simple and efficient, making it very versatile and user-friendly”, added Ms. Nguyen. The unique hose design from WHG is created from 5000*D polyester fabric. This material is exceptionally strong and flexible. With multiple layers of latex, this hose is able to withstand very high pressures and is resistant to tangling, twisting and kinking. This makes watering much easier compared with other standard hoses. In addition to superior functionality and durability, this garden hose is lightweight. This is especially appealing to people with limited strength and mobility. It also makes the hose simple to relocate if needed. The standard original length is 17ft, yet it can be easily extended to 50ft under standard water pressure. Once the water is turned off, the hose will return to its original length without the need for a specialty reel, also adding to its appeal. Unlike most other garden hoses the WHG design features a multipurpose nozzle. There are ten different settings that can be applied to this nozzle. This allows users to adjust the water pressure and direction depending on the job. From a fine spray through to a powerful water jet, this hose is exceptionally versatile. Although the WHG hose has only been on the market for a short time there has been strong customer interest. Retailing directly on Amazon.com and distributed throughout the United States, this product is easy to buy. WHG offers risk-free purchasing with a money back guarantee for added peace of mind. Currently, this unique garden hose is heavily discounted in a special promotional offer. For more information, customers can visit the company’s Amazon.com storefront.